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easyJet (FTSE100) berichtet in seinem Geschäftsbericht 2018 über die Ergebnisse unseres Vorstandsaudits

23. Februar 2019

For the 2018 external Board evaluation, the Board engaged Dr Sabine Dembkowski of Better Boards Limited (‘Better Boards’) to conduct an independent external evaluation of the performance of the Board, its Committees and the Chairman, following the process and steps outlined below and on the following page. Neither Sabine nor Better Boards has any other connection with the Group.

The purpose of Sabine’s approach was to gain insights into the hallmarks of effective boards, together with how Directors view themselves versus how they are perceived by their fellow Directors and other key stakeholders. The overall outcome was an understanding of the levers that individual Directors can personally pull to increase their impact in the boardroom in order to make the Board more effective. The end result was a collective action plan that allows the Board to focus on the right and most crucial issues.

Für Führungsgremien – Aufsichtsrats-, Beirats-, Vorstands- und Geschäftsführungs- gremien, die mehr erreichen wollen...

Unser evidenzbasierter Ansatz hat stringente Peer Review Prozesse durchlaufen, ist in den USA, dem Vereinigten Königreich und verschiedenen Ländern Europas publiziert und … hat sich in der Praxis bewährt.

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