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Inzito Partnership

15. Januar 2019

Carol Leonard, The Inzito Partnership Managing Partner, and AltoPartners Global Operating Committee Member says: “Better Boards product is better than anything else on the market and by quite some margin. It offers a completely fresh approach, which is much more rigorous but also more positive and supportive, than anything else currently on offer. It encourages and reinforces the strengths of Board members and vice versa, in a very clever way. It can be used equally effectively at Exco level, offering CEO’s an extraordinary new tool. In either scenario, it adds serious value, which is so refreshing when compared to the usual box-ticking alternatives.”

Für Führungsgremien – Aufsichtsrats-, Beirats-, Vorstands- und Geschäftsführungs- gremien, die mehr erreichen wollen...

Unser evidenzbasierter Ansatz hat stringente Peer Review Prozesse durchlaufen, ist in den USA, dem Vereinigten Königreich und verschiedenen Ländern Europas publiziert und … hat sich in der Praxis bewährt.

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