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NationalGrid plc provides insights into the outcome of our Board Evaluation in their Annual Report and Accounts 2019

May 14, 2019

This year, we were required to undertake an externally facilitated Board and Committee evaluation. We appointed Dr Sabine Dembkowski of Better Boards Limited to work with the Board on a Board development programme. Neither Dr Sabine Dembkowski nor Better Boards Limited has any other connection to the Company.

The evaluation focused on Board development and was designed to provide the Board with insights about themselves and how the Board was working as a whole. This type of evaluation provided a foundation upon which individuals could increase their personal impact, which in turn could increase the overall effectiveness of the Board. The purpose was to gain:

  • Insights into the hallmarks of effective boards;
  • Insights into how Directors view themselves versus how they are perceived by their fellow Directors; and
  • An understanding of the levers that individual Directors could pull to increase their impact in the boardroom to make the Board more effective.

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