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Solutions – Management Retreat

Better Boards’ essendio takes the development of boards and their executive teams to the next level.

The special design of the management retreats invites you to forget the demands of everyday work and enable you to reflect on key issues, perceptions, behaviour patterns and working practices that emerged in the audit process. The retreat identifies and encourages feedback and constructive criticism as well as enable individuals and teams to address the need for action and to implement the necessary changes. Actions agreed are relevant, timely, and designed for short, medium and long-term change.

Tried & Tested


The Achieve® Coaching Model

Better Boards’ retreat formats are based on international best practice in the development of boards, senior management and their leadership teams. In keeping with the principles of Better Boards, these formats have proven track records. They are based on the Achieve® coaching model, which was developed in 2002 by Dr. Sabine Dembkowski, founding partner of Better Boards. The Achieve® coaching model is the subject of numerous publications and has proven its worth in hundreds of individual development programmes. If you are interested, we would be very happy to send you the relevant publications.

What is in it for you?

Better Boards designs and conducts retreats and working sessions for boards, executive teams, and senior teams. The sessions target the crucial levers that determine success, and they are tailored to specific requirements and review results where applicable. The retreats are designed to bring distinct benefits to the collective group as well as each participant.

Benefits for the collective group:

  • Participants gain insight and understanding of the levers they can pull to be more impactful in the boardroom/on the Executive Committee.
  • Participants learn how to make the necessary changes in their behaviour to ensure that they can make the maximum contribution to the value creation process.
  • Participants experience a new level of trust with each other.

In concrete terms, the retreat working sessions focus on:

  • Systematically developing and deploying the individual strengths of members so that they contribute more effectively to the value creation process.
  • Improving work processes.
  • Implementing strategy quickly and sustainably to prevent delays and overcome resistance.
Discretion & Confidentiality

Discretion, confidentiality and the right to privacy are of paramount importance to Better Boards. We know that some audit findings and/or issues lend themselves to discussion on group level but other areas are best dealt with on a one-to-one basis.

We take great care in the differentiation between the two and ensure that we always provide the right environment and format, so that all individuals can develop and grow successfully in ways that make them feel safe and secure.

What do our clients say?

”For the first time ever, we discussed topics that can really enhance our work together, without attacking each other and finding a ‘pawn sacrifice’.”
(Executive board member – MDAX)

“This has really given us something! What we decided on was a variety of thoroughly feasible actions. Some were almost banal, but in total I can now say that they’ve created a big impact. We’ve become more relaxed in dealing with each other, talk more, swap ideas more intensely and have created tangibly more for this organisation, and working here has become fun again.”
(Executive Board member – Mittelstand with Private Equity Investor)

“After the management retreat, we teamed up and got down to business, and your advice that we should start off with small and simple steps the very next day was right on the money. And it continued from there. The number of actions we’ve taken is considerable, and our energy has now already spilled over into the next levels.”
(Executive Board member – Mittelstand)

For Boards and Executive Committees that want to achieve more...

We apply our research-based insights of the ‘Seven Hallmarks’ of effective boards which proved to generate measurable business results, are peer-reviewed and published in the US, the UK and across Europe.

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