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Better Boards has developed a distinctive suite of services

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Onboarding, Board Evaluation, Reviews, and Retreats are designed to support boards as well as Executive Committees and their teams in their personal development and delivery of value creation plans.

All tools and techniques that are part of our service offering are grounded in research, evidence-based yet tried, tested and practical. They allow for speedy execution and delivery and are designed to be an integral part of the value creation process/strategy implementation plan and not a generalist and disruptive stand-alone development exercise.

We are valued as trusted advisors by our clients – Chairpersons, CEOs, General Counsel/Company Secretaries, Executives, Non-Executive Directors and investors who want to make a mark and genuinely develop and enable the boards and executives they work with.

Our EXPERTISE – Fully Focused on Your Specific Needs.

Better Boards is an independent consulting firm owned by its partners. We focus entirely on developing better boards and Executive Committees.

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Basis for value creation

What makes an organisation successful? What undermines its success? An organisation’s ability to create and enhance the value it aspires to depends on the extent to which its board and Executive Committee operate in ways that are efficient, focussed and sustainable. This is not just a question of the expertise, experience, and personalities of individuals that make up executive and senior management teams. Outstanding work and value creation on the boards, senior and middle management does not simply materialise out of thin air come or in a package delivered by a human resource consultancy. It is the result of a carefully designed development process that factors in the key criteria for success on board and top-management level.

Tailored solutions

Boards and investors have recognised the need for developing boards and Executive Committees and are looking for new ways to achieve results. The best basis for this is to provide a set of tools and resources that are relevant. However, the diverse consulting and coaching markets have failed to offer anything that is specifically tailored to the requirements of boards and Executive Committees so far.

Better Boards services bridges this gap. Our services are:

  • Tailored to the specific needs of the boards and Executive Committees and the way on which boards and senior management interact with non-executive directors, investors, shareholders, and other stakeholders.
  • Offering objectivity and comprehensive analysis. Our online tool covers processes, structure, and behaviours and allows for the integration of larger sample sizes.
  • Customised, since the data is not processed in a standardised manner, but is complemented with interviews and research insights and provide each participant with an individualised report.
  • Are target-driven and action-oriented. Concrete and relevant action plans are delivered.

Any methods applied are grounded in research and tried and tested in practice. Better Boards benefits from close working relationships with reputable global research institutions including the London Business School, a distinguished advisory board and close working relationships with leading Private Equity firms and Management Consultancies.

The result is a highly effective, successful and practical-based approach that incorporates the latest research findings and has undergone a rigorous peer-review process in the US, the UK and across Europe: We call this combination “evidence-based.”

For Boards and Executive Committees that want to achieve more...

We apply our research-based insights of the ‘Seven Hallmarks’ of effective boards which proved to generate measurable business results, are peer-reviewed and published in the US, the UK and across Europe.

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