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Delivering best-in-class training and development for boards and executive committees

Boards, executive committees, and their leadership teams benefit from our unique experience and expertise.

We purposefully make this unique range of formats and tools available to a selected international network of Company Secretaries, consultants, investment managers, trainers, and top executive coaches to make a greater contribution to governance and value creation.

Better Boards has also developed training programmes for investors in order to meet the specific demands of the private equity and venture capital sectors.


Better Boards has set standards in the creation and delivery of board training programmes.

We deliver tailored training programmes to:

  • Boards
  • Non-Executive Directors
  • Executive Committees
  • Investment professionals in Private Equity and Venture Capital firms
  • The growth and start-up community

Onboarding new board members

Members of boards and senior executives are being challenged more than ever before to prove themselves within their organisations and deliver measurable results quickly.

This expectation applies to both external hires and internal promoted candidates. Better Boards supports both scenarios with special onboarding programmes that help individuals master their new responsibilities quickly and effectively.

Our onboarding programmes are based on Harvard research findings that have proven themselves in practice. Better Boards also brings an invaluable and detailed knowledge and understanding of the investor and private equity perspective to the table.

Our research-based and proven onboarding programme includes

Preparation for
the new role

  • What is the organisational culture?
  • Who are the key personnel and decision-makers?
  • What are my own expectations?

Expectations for
the board member

  • What do I stand for?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • How would I like to work with others?


  • What data and facts form the basis for my agenda?
  • What results can I achieve in the short term (Quick Wins)?
  • What issues and goals should I concentrate on (Medium and Long-term)?


  • Does my team have the knowledge, experience, skills, and talent to implement my strategy?
  • Who else can I bring in, and how?
  • What training measures do I need to introduce?


  • Who are the people with influence?
  • Whom do I have to win over, and on what issues?
  • How do I inspire them to support my agenda?


  • Is the current culture suitable to implement my strategy?
  • If not, what culture do we need?
  • How can I create this culture?

Board and management retreats

Most board and management retreats take place after a board evaluation programme, however, we also design and deliver retreats without having conducted a board evaluation. Retreats allow time for reflection on key issues, perceptions, behavioural patterns and working practices, as well as focusing on generating new insights and solutions.

All management retreats are based on international best practice for board development, in keeping with our business principles and tailored to specific client needs.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we ensure that

  • All locations are risk-assessed and COVID-secure, in line with the latest Government guidelines
  • Social distancing measures are in place

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