Internal Board Evaluations that deliver real-world impact.

We go beyond compliance and box ticking. We help you continuously develop your board and enhance its effectiveness. We bring good governance to life.

Company Secretaries, Portfolio Development Directors and Partners in Professional Service Firms can access our platform without booking any additional advisory services. Unrivalled automated analysis, graph generation and comparisons offer actionable insights: all delivered via our revolutionary platform.

A revolutionary platform delivering cutting-edge, data-driven insights.

Our proven approach to board evaluation focuses on personalisation to generate actionable insights for every member of the board. With a focus on our 7 Hallmarks research, we help each board member to become more impactful.

This data-driven approach ensures each board member can make the greatest contribution to the collective performance of the board.

Internal Board Evaluations

An intuitive platform with unrivalled control and impact.


Bring good
governance to
life with ease

An online, research-based questionnaire with automated analysis of quantitative data and guided analysis of qualitative data.

individual reports

reporting that
drives real change

Give every member of your board a clear insight into the levers they can pull to become more impactful.


ensures focus

Make full use of our proprietary research-based questionnaire that focuses on impact. Add and delete questions to suit your specific needs.


analysis of
quantitative data

No more time-consuming data analysis. Our algorithms do the analysis for you and present the data in easy-to-read visualisations.

observation of board

Intuitive visual
analysis of
qualitative data

Simplifying data analysis and the identification of key themes with our intuitive interfaces.

board alignment sessions

with other boards

Comparisons with other boards in reference to the dimensions that impact effectiveness: The 7 hallmarks of effective boards.


Track your board
over time

We’re an intuitive and easy to operate platform. If you do need any help, our excellent service and support team are on hand.


A dedicated
Better Boards
service team

By analysing your board and committee papers, including any documentation of your board working processes, we can gain deeper insights to shape the integration of our recommendations.

action plan

Tailored to
your specific

A fully-customizable experience that can be tailored to your specific needs.


Secure web-based
login designed for

State-of-the-art authentication process for everyone involved.

The 7-Hallmarks of Effective Boards.

The 7-Hallmarks of Effective Boards is based on our proprietary research and has proven to generate results.

Each of the 7-Hallmarks are levers you can use to increase board effectiveness.  By understanding the interplay of these levers for each board member, you can maximise the effectiveness of the board as a whole.

The “7-Hallmarks of Effective Boards” are peer-reviewed and published in the US, the UK and across Europe by Dr Sabine Dembkowski

  • Grounded in research, evidence-based and peer-reviewed
  • Comprehensive
  • Action-oriented
  • Efficient

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Keeping you in control with our subscription-based, self-serve approach.

We provide a subscription-based service for listed, PE-backed, family organisations and startups (from Seed to Series D).

Our subscription packages are designed to suit your needs and you only pay for what you use.

leadership - board performance portal

Access & Training.

Whether you are a Company Secretary, Portfolio Development Director or Professional Service firm we can provide you with access to our platform to enable you to conduct the most impactful board evaluations. We can even adapt the platform to your Corporate Identity. Training and technical support are all part of the service.

Whatever stage you’re at with your next board evaluation, please get in contact with one of our team to find out more.