Fresh insights and tangible results for your next fully facilitated external board evaluation

Our approach to fully facilitated board evaluations is based on research and evidence-based. We provide you with the reliable foundation required to generate fresh insights and tangible results.

Helping you improve the effectiveness of your board

All boards face unprecedented  challenges which require a fundamental rethink of how to operate and evaluate. By leveraging the 7-Hallmarks of Effective Boards, our fully-facilitated external board evaluations provide a solid foundation to ensure your board has the insights it needs to adapt to the ever-changing environment.

Our data-driven approach and the results we achieved in leading organisations across several sectors, provide the peace-of-mind needed to develop a higher performing, more effective board.

An advisor-led, data-driven process that generates tangible results

individual reports for board effectiveness evaluation

reports and
feedback sessions

We are the first service provider to offer individualised reports for every board member. We help each board member understand how they can become more impactful in the boardroom and make a greater contribution to the overall performance of the board.

KICK OFF MEETING - External Board Evaluations

group working

Designed specifically for your board. We tailor each group session following the board evaluation process. We outline an agenda, plan and agree a process – all in collaboration with the project owners.

FINAL PRESENTATION for board effectiveness evaluation

Results and

We prepare and discuss the results with your board. We detail key findings and make suggestions for focus areas to implement.

individualised reports

within the
annual report

Where desired, we can provide input for disclosure of the results of your board evaluation in your annual report, drawing on best practice examples.

KICK OFF MEETING - External Board Evaluations


We provide insights into our proprietary research and how all board members can use the 7-Hallmarks of Effective Boards. The board – as a team – will gain vital insights into the levers they can use to improve working practices and increase effectiveness and performance.


interviews by
our advisors

Our board advisors are trained to conduct in-depth interviews. With vast experience they know what to look for and where to probe, providing vital insights and making recommendations.

observation of board with board evaluations software

Observations of
board / committee

Our board advisors can provide broader and deeper insights into the dynamics of your board to complement the qualitative and quantitative data collected.

individualised reports

Review of board
and committee

By analysing your board and committee papers, including any documentation of your board working processes, we can gain deeper insights to shape the integration of our recommendations.

digital platform

Platform access
including analysis
& insights

Your board members all receive secure access to the Better Boards digital questionnaire. The questionnaire is based on our proprietary, peer-reviewed research and proven to generate positive, measurable results.

board alignment sessions - board evaluations


We ensure regular alignment sessions take place with the Company Secretary, the Chair, the CEO or the HR Director.



We can provide you with access to the Better Boards Board evaluation platform so that you can use it as part of your fully facilitated board evaluation and subsequent internal board evaluations. It allows seamless integration of fully facilitated internal and external board evaluations and the establishment of longitudinal data for the continuous development of your board.

The platform is intuitive to use. If however, you need any help, our excellent service and support team are on hand.

We can provide training tailored to your needs and help you establish a smooth board evaluation and continuous development process.

The 7-Hallmarks of Effective Boards

The 7-Hallmarks of Effective Boards are based on our proprietary research and generate results.

Each of the 7-Hallmarks are levers you can use to increase board effectiveness.  By understanding the interplay of these levers for each board member, you can maximise the effectiveness of the board as a whole.

The “7-Hallmarks of Effective Boards” are peer-reviewed and published in the US, the UK and across Europe by Dr Sabine Dembkowski

  • Grounded in research, evidence-based and peer-reviewed
  • Comprehensive
  • Action-oriented
  • Efficient

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